The Association of A32 Users (A32) was a non-profit corporation in California.

For the past several years, A32 has ceased business operations, though the non-profit status persisted in the State Records. As of May of 2013, the last remaining members -- three of us -- decided to proceed to close the corporation. The residual funds, which had languished untrouched in the A32 checking acocunt during the years of non-operation, have been donated to the Computer History Museum of Mountain View, California. We are now processing the forms required by the State to end the corporation.

February 2015: The Secretary of State of California has acknowledged the receipt of the Certificate of Dissolution and the audit waiver from the California State Attorney General. The final step will be the return of a validated Certificate of Dissolution, and the delivery of a copy of this certificate to the Attorney General.

Enquiries may be submitted to me, Robert Brown, at As clubs go, A32 had a long run, and I believe it was beneficial to the membership. I wish to thank all of the volunteers who participated in running A32, from its beginnings back in 1982.

A32 was chartered to provide education, information and support to users of micro-computing technology.

The A32 web page logo was designed by Kim Johnson.